Afro-Punk refers to African Americans in the Punk sub-culture. Afro-punks are a minority group in North America, but represent a majority in predominantly black regions of the world that have burgeoning punk communities, such as in parts of Brazil and Africa.
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Afro-Punk is also the name of a 66-minute documentary film directed by James Spooner. The documentary explores race identities within the Punk scene.
The interviews cover issues of loneliness, exile, interracial dating, black power, and the dual lives led by people of color in communities that are primarily white. More information can be found  in the Afro-Punk official site. A trailer for the documentary is below.

The Afro-Punk site has information on Afro-Punk bands throughout their site. One of the more popular Afro-Punk bands is Bad Brains. They are an entirely African American hardcore Punk band that formed in 1977 in Washington, D.C. Their song Pay to Cum is available to listen to below.
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